Saturday, 6 October 2012

Olympic Adventures

Ok, I know I'm late in posting about our Olympic / Paralympic adventures but better late than never I suppose!!!

I love watching athletics anyway so we were all easily swept away with Olympic fever this year because of London 2012. Our Olympic escapades started very early on in the year when I ordered tickets for the Paralympics for the twins birthday on 31st August. Luckily we got our tickets (it was a tense wait of several months to find out) and I managed to keep it secret for a few more months until the actual day.

The Olympic Park day passes gave us access to the site and certain events. We were lucky enough to watch wheelchair basketball and goalball - both BRILLIANT!!! We had a fantastic yet exhausting day, I didn't realise that so much walking would be involved in watching sport!!! As a Brucie Bonus the day gave us the chance to dress in patriotic attire............

Here I am waiting for the wheelchair basketball in my fabulous Heyday red, white and blue fleur dress
(currently on sale on their website and one of my favourite frocks)
with my Rocket Originals red wedges

The kids dressed appropriately too, well......when in Rome!!!

A few months previously we had hot footed it into Derby after work to catch the torch relay and wave our flags at the roadside

and the Olympic torch itself paid a visit to my school

not to mention the women's Olympic football match at Old Trafford that we went to see with school (sorry, no pic of that one you'll be relieved to read).

We've thoroughly enjoyed our Olympic and Paralympic summer, it's been absolutely brilliant - have you enjoyed it all as much as we have???

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  1. I just found your blog . . . I am a follower of Call Me Lucille and she has your photo posted from the Nothingham Classic Bike Ride. Great Photo!!! It looked like so much fun, wish we had something that that around here. Love your retro style, your newest follower, Connie :)