Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Long and Short of it

My son has had long hair, down to his shoulders, since forever and although I love it he had been asking for a change for a while. However I was rather nervous about finding someone with the skills and experience to transform him from skater boy to rockabilly rebel, until, that is, I came across the Sid Sottung barbershop on Forest Road East in Nottingham. He immediately put us at our ease and understood exactly what  sort of look we were after and I think my lad enjoyed the fun, cheeky, barbershop banter.....most of it at my expense!!!

His hair was washed and expertly cut into a style that can be worn in several different ways, from cool, casual skater style to a rockabilly quiff so watch this space as we practice with products and styling. Sid also trains hairdressers and barbers at his salon at his academy so check them out if you are interested in training.

Getting his do lad in the chair with Sid

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