Monday, 21 January 2013

Long legs, big problems

You might think that being tall with long legs is an advantage. In many cases it is (and I'm not really complaining about it) but when it comes to buying clothes it can be a nightmare. Retailers have got wise over the last few years that women are getting taller and are providing ranges for tall ladies (I am fond of a browse around the topshop website TALL section now and again) and specialist retailers such as Long Tall Sally really cater for those of us extra blessed in the height department.

However for me the problems begin when I'm trying to find vintage style clobber, especially trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. I like my skirts / dresses to finish below the knee as this is a much more flattering and vintage length (Vivien of Holloway is good for this) but have really struggled with trousers and jeans. The lovely lady behind rockabilly clothing company Lady K Loves have listened to customer feedback and are now doing their fabulous slim fit, high waist jeans in a long 36" leg which is fantastic. I have these jeans in a 33" leg but they are a bit too short and I certainly couldn't add a turn-up.....the longer length version will be perfect and I look forward to them arriving in around 6 weeks time as they are currently available for pre-order.

Get your pre-orders in NOW fellow tall-ies, I shall do another blog post about them when they arrive.

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  1. Thank you for the tip off being tall this is a major problem for me too!