Monday, 19 March 2012

Carmen Ghia and the Hotrods

One of my favourite bands of the moment just has to be Carmen Ghia and the Hotrods. I saw them last year at Venture Club in Beeston (Nottingham) and had a great night. Carmen has a fantastic voice and the whole group performs brilliantly as a unit with some great rockin' numbers.

I went with a group of friends (nicknamed The Vintage Vixens ) to the Wheel of Fortune event in Sheffield in February to celebrate the launch of their new album Flying Saucer Baby. We had a fantastic time gambling on the casino tables and having a bop and it was great to be a part of such a lovely evening, the venue was PACKED!!! Sadly I don't have any good pics of the band as I couldn't get anywhere near the stage, Carmen's dress was amazing too.

We couldn't resist buying one of the new t.shirts and took a quick snap on the train home to Nottingham at the end of the night. Carmen herself was so impressed with this snap that she has asked if the band could use it to promote the t.shirts and has nicknamed us 'Carmen's Angels'.

Although I sadly didn't buy a CD of the new album Flying Saucer Baby on the night I downloaded it from itunes as soon as I got in. It's a crackin' album with great tunes and is a real aural treat, I defy you not to tap your toes to it. Hard to pick a favourite but if I had to I'd say Natch'l Man because of the old skool rock n roll vibe and sheer danceability factor. Check it out for yourself. The album was the soundtrack for a recent charity vintage tea party I had and created the perfect ambience.....but more of that in another blog post!!!

I'm looking forward to seeing them again when they perform in Derby in April and at Twinwoods in August....whoop!!! Am I turning into a groupie???

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  1. Fond memories a brilliant night of music & good company