Saturday, 14 April 2012

Vintage Hair.....and a trip to Bella Me

If you're considering a vintage look it's important to consider ALL aspects of it.....including HAIR!!! I'm very lazy, and always short on time, so vintage hairstyling isn't always top of my priority list. I do use heated rollers but lack both the skills and patience to create the fabulous 'dos' that I envy on other people.

I recently discovered a few tips and tricks that have really helped me that I wanted to share and also made a visit today to a brand new local salon that specialises in......wait for it......VINTAGE HAIRSTYLING. Whoop, whoop and thrice whoop!!! No more will I have to spend an age trying to describe to modern hairdressers the look / era / style etc that I'm aiming for as at Bella Me in Breaston, Derbyshire they understood completely. My hair today was done by the lovely Lucy of Call Me Lucille and it was great to have a stylist who knew what I meant and could recommend products and styling methods to suit. The salon is so pretty too....well worth a visit.

This is me after my appointment and hair coiffed. It's very long, (I'm also growing out my Bettie Page bangs) but lacks shape and definition and doesn't hold a curl well so we added a long layer and trimmed the dead ends so it has a kind of U shape which should give the desired effect when styled...can't wait!!!

(dress by Vivien of Holloway shoes by Rocket Originals)

Here are a few books I have that you might find useful

The bottom book is the best if you're going to invest in one - lots of tips, tricks, techniques and styles with plenty of clear, instructional pictures. It can usually be found on Amazon and eBay as well as sites like Vivien of HollowayDeadly is the Female and 20th Century Foxy.

Youtube is also a great resource for online tutorials and you can find literally TONNES if you search for vintage hair or victory rolls etc. Lisa Freemont Street does brilliant youtube clips and I also love Nikki Napalm's victory roll tutorial. Be warned though, these gals are all super cute and very distracting hehe!!!

I'm looking forward to having a bit of spare time to give a few different vintage styling techniques a go but remember ladies..........if it doesn't work out you can always rock it in a headscarf and any messy bits can be adorned with hair flowers - tres chic!!!

Look out for future blog posts as I attempt to recreate some sort of vintage fabulosity on my unco-operative hair!!!


  1. my top trick is to was it only once a week, or even evry two weeks. and use dry shampoo. my hair is really fine and straight and thought it would just look lank, but its the only way my hair can hold a style... my hair feels a bit candy floss like.. but it looks good! :)

    1. Love it, thank you.....I've recently started using a dry shampoo as I found that Wilkos do a brunette one. Your hair always looks fab - mine gets greasy very easily so I'm hoping dry shampoo between washes will help AND make my colour last longer xxx

  2. Hello, thanks for joining the swap - I tried to email you but you're set to 'no reply', just to say I've edited the post to show how to add a badge (hopefully! it's not too hard honest!)

    I'm rubbish at doing my hair sadly, a ponytail is about the extent of my powers!

    Lakota x

    1. Fab - thank you.......I shall scoot over and check it out!!!