Sunday, 3 June 2012

Imelda May - rockabilly queen

I've been fortunate enough to see the fabulous Imelda May perform several times now and just love her music. From such a petite (and glamorous) lady this incredible voice emerges out of nowhere and blows you away. Her band is no less awesome and the whole group works together brilliantly to produce top quality rockabilly and rock n roll music that is now enjoyed by many people outside of the rockabilly scene.

My Imelda May t.shirt is one of my favourites and I wear it you can see here taking tea at Lee Rosys in Nottingham.

I was lucky enough to meet Imelda backstage after her gig in Cambridge last year (please excuse the slightly stalker-ish, bemused expression on my face!!!) and she is an absolute doll. Very sweet and genuine, full of amusing stories, anecdotes and Irish charm.

Back in Summer 2010 Imelda played a free gig in Nottingham's Old Market Square and I went along to watch with a group of friends. A great time was had by all.

Last month I saw Imelda perform at Nottingham's Royal Concert Hall which was fantastic. Our seats were only a few rows back from the stage so we got a great view. It was strange watching her perform at an all seater venue as you do want to bop about to the music but it did feel quite intimate and gave Imelda the chance to tell us all a few little stories associated to the songs. It also showed what a true professional she was as she strutted around on stage in high high heels and a skin tight dress with no need for comfort breaks despite being heavily pregnant.

Imelda's music has now crossed over into the mainstream thanks to performances on TV programmes such as Jools Holland. You can also hear her songs as background to TV ads.....most notably for SKY TV. This has helped to attract a wider audience and increase her well deserved popularity and success.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish Imelda and her husband Daryl all the best with their new bundle of joy when it arrives and look forward to seeing her perform again in the near future.


  1. Que linda. Recentemente fiz um post sobre ela

    1. Great blog post, thanks for sharing. Imelda has great style doesn't she??? And when I met her she commented that she had the same leopard print coat as me, which she's wearing in your first pic - fab, thank you

  2. Never took you for a stalker ..... ;0)
    Loved here performance in Turnhout ( Belgium)
    Made "Roadrunner" my ringtone


    1. Isn't she fantastic live??? I prefer her live to her CDs and love all the old songs she covers too - she should release an album of cover versions

  3. She has such an energy. Even with a bun in the oven ;)
    I loved her performance. And if I get the chance I will go to another concert.
    My ringtone is Mayhem :)