Friday, 25 May 2012

Jubilee inspired vintage outfits

Have any of you given much thought to what you might wear to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee at some of the events you might be going to??? I love an excuse to put together a specific outfit so have been trawling through my wardrobe for suitable outfits. We are going to several jubilee events and they are the perfect excuse to wear the cheerful combination of red, white and blue to full effect.

This outfit is cute, the skirt was a mere 50p from a car boot sale, the white halterneck top is one of my wardrobe staples from Vivien of Holloway and pepped it all up with red shoes, belt and bangle.

The cute, vintage inspired, union jack brooch is by Peggie Sue Jewellery

One or 2 of the jubilee events I'm going to have a 1950s theme (which suits me, and my wardrobe!!!). I do love an excuse to get this lovely outfit out. Belt. shoes and bangles as before. Dress, bolero and petticoat from Vivien of Holloway. This was taken last Friday at our regular rock n roll club, the band this month was The Inteli-gents.


I also LOVE my Tara Starlet union jack VE blouse and have worn it lots at 1940s events and the like. I have a sneaking suspicion it will be making at least one appearance over the jubilee period and again for the Summer Olympics / Paralympics. In the first picture I'm wearing it with my amazing vintage 1940s cut jeans from Freddies of Pinewood and in the second I'm wearing it with my Tara Starlet dancing skirt (man borrowed for purposes of the picture....his wife took the photo for me hehehe!!!).

So......what will YOU be wearing for the jubilee????


  1. I hadn't given it much thought until Saturday when I decided I needed a new Jubilee frock - bought the fabric on Saturday and made one - blogge about it last night :)

    Love your spotty frock - totally gorgeous :)

    BTW let me know when you want to exchange parcels - I am getting there with mine for you :)

  2. I don't know how you get to all these events! There's nowt up North! Great blog post as usual! :)