Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Superhero Picnic

So today I went along to the fabulous Superhero Picnic at Wollaton Park in Nottingham. My friend and talented dressmaker Aislinn from Booboo Kitty Couture custom made me a lovely circle skirt in a blue and white stars fabric to complete my outfit as Wonder Woman. It is a fab skirt that will no doubt come in useful for many other occasions, or maybe I could just swish about as Wonder Woman more often!!!

The sun shone and there were lots of people there dressed as superheroes, from Bananaman to Batman and everything in between. There were a whole range of fun activities for people to try from circus skills to segways as well as lots of community and charity stalls. I got asked lots of times to have my picture taken with people, I think they thought I was one of the professional superheroes that were at the event, my children were mortified hehe!!!