Friday, 12 April 2013

Holloway Road Trip

Yesterday my good friend Sharon and I took advantage of £5 coach tickets to London with National Express to make a visit to the Vivien of Holloway shop on Holloway Road, purveyors of top class 1940s and 1950s style repro vintage attire. You may have spotted some of their goodies in my previous blog posts.

Armed with a wishlist as long as my errrrr.....arm, I paid the shop its second visit. I had been ebaying and saving up like crazy to give me some spending money and had been checking out the website to do my research in advance. This is something I highly recommend any visitor to the shop does as when you arrived you are slapped in the face with fabulosity and can forget your mission!!!

The shop is a riot of candy coloured frocky goodness inside in all manner of prints, fabrics and styles. So difficult to decide what to try on unless you've done a bit of homework in advance. Whilst waiting for my turn in the changing rooms I watched lots of lovely ladies being transformed into vintage goddesses with their frocks and saw lots of happy customers. In fact you can leave the shop with a complete outfit if desired as it sells accessories, jewellery and even shoes to complement your outfit.

I tried on several things but had my practical head on and wanted to buy something I would get my wear out of rather than a summery frock....of which I have many!!!

I purchased this lovely black tartan pencil skirt which I've had my eye on for a while. It will look great for work or going out in depending on how it is styled. I quite fancy giving it a relaxed collegiate feel too with a varsity jacket and saddle shoes.

I also purchased these purple 1950s jeans which I love. Super comfy and a great fit (excuse this terrible photo of me!!!) and I will be blogging about these at some point soon as they deserve their very own blog post.....only with better pictures!!!!!

My favourite item that I tried on was this navy cherry jezebel pencil dress. So versatile and looked fab with my red shoes. Sadly they didn't have this colour version in stock in my size in the shop or website so I'm hoping that it comes back in stock VERY soon.

My friend Sharon treated herself to this AMAZING floral sarong dress in a limited edition fabric. It looked stunning on her and the colours really complemented her skin tone.

She also tried on a jezebel pencil dress and looked stunning in that too but left without it.

All in all a rather successful trip.....and we're already planning the next one!!! Need to get saving up!!!

(thank you Sharon for the use of your pictures)

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