Monday, 22 April 2013

The long and short of it

I'm quite an impulsive person and if I make my mind up about something I want it done quickly before I change my mind. Last week I decided that I was beyond bored of my long hair and fancied a change. I'm happy with the colour so the only other option was to go short. As someone who has had long hair for practically all my life this was a big step but I was more than ready for a new me and called upon the services of the lovely Lucille at Lucille's Locks to do the deed. I'm so lucky to have a lovely vintage hairdresser so local and new she was the gal for the job.

My brief was 'Snow White' so after cutting off what seemed like a tonne of hair Lucille expertly pinned my hair in pincurls and I popped on a chiffon scarf whilst the magic happened. I nervously took out the pincurls the next morning to reveal a fantastic 'do' that lasted a whole week with loose pincurls going in at night to maintain the shape.

In fact this picture was taken after 6 days and my hair still loked fab!!!!

I attempted my own pincurls yesterday and although the results aren't as good as Lucille's expert version I'm not too unhappy and I know I'll improve every time I do it. For special occasions I'm still going to call in the expert though!!!

If you're lucky enough to live in the Nottingham / Derby area I can highly recommend Lucille's mobile services or if you live further afield I believe you can make appointments to visit her at home, well worth the journey. Check out her super duper lovely blog too.

I love my new locks and honestly don't miss having long hair one little bit - give it a go!!!

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