Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Flurry of Fleurs

Today I took delivery of my third Fleur dress from Heyday and a total bargain at less than half price in their recent online sale. I already have the black floral and red, white and blue versions so I know how lovely this dress is and how well it fits me so I leapt at the chance to add another to my collection at a bargain price!!!

The Fleur dress is very simple and stylish, evoking a little bit of vintage 1940s glamour yet practical enough for everyday wear in a washable cotton fabric. Perfect for dressing up or down they are incredibly versatile and perfect for almost any occasion...from walking the dog to afternoon tea. This time I purchased the black with white daisy chain frock as it will look great accessorised with almost any colour. I can't wait to wear it.

In fact as soon as the postie delivered it this morning i had to try it on for a bit of gratuitous posing...please excuse the lack of make-up, undone hair and messy bedroom, it was early on a Saturday morning!!!

The style is lovely, it falls just below my knees and the wrap around style means I can adjust it to flatter and fit me perfectly. It gives me a great waist!!! Can't wait to wear it properly and style it up.

Here are pics of me last year in my other 2 Heyday Fleur dresses.

In my red, white and blue Fleur dress last Summer at the 2012 London Paralympics.

In my black floral Fleur dress at a vintage bike ride in Nottingham last year.

I wonder which Fleur dress I'll be adding to my collection next??? I'm waiting to see if they bring out and new fabric versions for Summer!!!

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