Monday, 4 February 2013

Back to basics part 2

Weeks can go by without an excuse to wear anything remotely fabulous but last week I had 3 opportunities to dress up so decided to 'go for it'. For the launch event of a new vintage store in Nottingham I decided to wear my red sateen Vivien of Holloway dress, for a 6th form open evening I decided to wear my navy polkadot Stop Staring dress and for a night at a local rockabilly event The Fabulous Hoochie Coochie Club I wore my leopard print Trashy Diva Courtney dress coat. However the common factor (leaving aside the dodgy pose and messy kitchen) was my faithful red shoes.

They are red patent mary janes that I bought from Faith around 8 years ago in the sales...I've certainly had my wear out of them as they go with almost EVERYTHING and I look after them by getting them re-heeled and re-soled frequently. They also make me smile when I wear them which has got to be a good thing...right??? So if you don't already own at least one pair of red shoes then I reckon you need to sort that out pronto, they're definitely a wardrobe essential.

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  1. Cute! I particularly love your hair in that first photo - it's so long and luscious and fabulous!