Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Back to basics.........part one

A quick appraisal of my wardrobe a little while ago made me realise that I am sadly lacking in what you would call 'basics'. With a few smart and simple pieces I could probably double the amount of outfits I could pull together for very little extra cost. I'm loving a bit of 'mix and match' - so much fun putting different pieces together to see if they work.

The first item I decided to go for was a white cotton halterneck top from Vivien of Holloway which I thought would be incredibly versatile.............I wasn't wrong!!! Here are just 3 of the looks I've sported recently......

Paired here with my faithful Stop Staring capris (another wardrobe basic), bordello genies and a BIG hair flower. 

The second pic is a more jubilee inspired ensemble with my car boot 50p bargain skirt!!!

Worn here with my Tara Starlet satin hourglass pencil skirt in teal. This time I decided to tuck in the halter strap to give it more of a '50s sun-top' vibe which I think worked really well.
(Picture is of The Vintage Vixens on a recent night out)

I'd like a couple more versions of this top.....black cotton for definite and the playing card design.

So......if you 'haven't got a thing to wear' maybe invest in a few basic pieces to breathe new life into your wardrobe. I would suggest having a good look through your clothes and you might find a few key ingredients missing that would enable you to get more wear from what you already own. More 'Back to Basics' blog posts to come, stay tuned.

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  1. Nice article... & you look gorgeous, as always! X