Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sweater Chains from Vintage Envy

Creating vintage style isn't just about the outfits, it's about the smaller details too..................

For a while now I have been after vintage sweater chains as I love wearing cute little cardis but get frustrated when they fall off my shoulders. My lovely friend boobookitty couture (check out her awesome blog too) recommended I tried a seller on etsy. As an etsy 'virgin' I was a bit nervous but there were so many pretty things in the Vintage Envy etsy shop that I was spoilt for choice - great prices too. I snapped up the cutest sweater chains ever and, less than a week later, they have arrived from America.

As you can see it was packaged beautifully and it felt like my birthday had come early.

Look how awesomely cute the sweater chain is......I think they are seagulls but not entirely sure.

Quick final snap after work to show you how it looks on - I love it!!!! My first etsy purchase certainly won't be my last and if you check out the Vintage Envy etsy shop you'll see that she is currently offering a 10% springtime discount - now I just need the funds for my next purchase!!! Also Boobookitty Couture is doing a giveaway for Vintage Envy on her blog too at the moment so you may be lucky and win a prize.

Remember folks............the devil's in the details, cute accessories can 'make' an outfit!!!

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