Friday, 17 January 2014

Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake

A good friend of mine is a committed foodie and writes his own blog on all things food related, from baking to books, gadgets and gizmos. He often brings some of his culinary delights into work for us to sample.....yummy!!!! He recently treated us all to Nigella's Nutella Cheesecake and it was so delicious that I couldn't wait to give the recipe a go myself.

I printed off a copy of the recipe, got together my ingredients (it doesn't require many and is inexpensive to make, especially if, like me, you shop at ALDI!!!), requires little measuring, virtually no skill and no cooking - winner!!!

So simple to make yet very impressive, perfect to make the day before and chill overnight in the fridge for a special occasion - here's the recipe;
250 grams digestive biscuits (I didn't weigh mine out, just guesstimated from the pack weight)
75 grams unsalted butter (again I didn't weigh mine out, just added enough softened butter to bind)
1 x 400 gram jar of nutella
100 grams (small packet) of chopped hazelnuts
500 grams of soft cream cheese (this was 2 and 1/2 packets worth)
60 grams icing sugar (this was the only thing I weighed!!!)
  1. Break biscuits into crumbs (I put them in a carrier bag and got my son to bash them into submission with a rolling pin on the worktop!!!)
  2. Put them in a bowl and add a big dollop of nutella, a generous spoonful of the chopped hazelnuts and enough softened butter (I softened mine in the microwave) so that it clumps together nicely - mix well
  3. Press firmly into the base of a round springform or loose bottom cake tin (no need to grease or line the tin) then place in fridge whilst you make the topping
  4. Beat together the cream cheese and icing sugar (I just used a bowl and wooden spoon - no need for gadgetry) then add the rest of the nutella and continue mixing until all fully combined
  5. Remove cake tin from fridge and spoon on the topping then sprinkle on remaining hazelnuts
  6. Return to fridge and chill overnight
  7. Remove and eat.......enjoy!!!!
A follower on my instagram suggested replacing the nutella with lemon curd, apparently it's delicious!!!!
Let me know if you make this recipe and I hope that you enjoy making and eating it as much as I did!

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