Friday, 29 November 2013

The Twelve Clothes of Christmas #1

One of my favourite things about Christmas is that it gives us the opportunity to wear lots of lovely clothes that only see the light of day over the festive season. Therefore I have decided to dedicate 12 blog posts to our Christmas wardrobe starting with my festive favourite.......the Christmas jumper!!!

Not much divides opinion like a Christmas jumper does. Regular, stylish people tick off the days until it is considered 'acceptable' to wear one whereas others would rather gouge out their eyes than wear what they consider to be a hideous monstrosity. I myself am rather fond of a Christmas jumper and can't wait to wear mine this year.

I tend to steer clear of the novelty robins, reindeer and Christmas tree jumpers in favour of the more Nordic and fair isle designs although I was rather tempted by a sweater in Topshop covered in the cutest little gingerbread man print.

On a visit to Westfield Derby I found my perfect Christmas jumper for this year in The Sweater Shop which is tucked away at the back of the top floor. Everything is made in England and the prices are brilliant. I spotted a fab, Scandinavian jumper in black and red with a band of white snowflakes and pine trees across. After much deliberation I decided to buy both at the bargain price of just £25 each (as you can never have too many Christmas jumpers!!!) and can't wait to wear them throughout December. I bought the red version in a smaller size which gives it a more fitted look to wear with pencil skirts and red shoes for work. The black version I bought a size bigger for a looser fitting, more casual look with skinny jeans on weekends. They can easily be layered up with a polo neck underneath for the colder weather but are still a light enough knit to wear on rare warmer days.

If you need more of an excuse to get your Christmas jumper on how about supporting Save the Children on Christmas Jumper Day, Friday 13th December and do your bit for charity. Why not get your workplace joining in and give out a prize for the best jumper. There were some cracking novelty jumpers to choose from in The Sweater Shop - pay Westfield Derby a visit and see for yourself.

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