Sunday, 27 October 2013

It's getting parky out there..........

Autumn is most definitely here now and the time had arrived to get the daughter a new winter coat. Even though she's only 1,2 she is tall for her age and a ladies size 10 which gives us lots of choice but sadly higher price tags. We decided to go late night shopping last Friday in Westfield Derby to check out what was available.

She had set her heart on a parka which would be warm and practical for both school and weekends. All the shops seemed to be selling them so we conducted a thorough investigation on prices and styles. Here are our top three..................

This Superdry one was our favourite, the fit was great and we loved the furry hood. However the £140 price tag was out of our budget.
This parka from Topshop was ace and had a detachable lining so it could be worn all year round. At £85 it was still a bit pricey and we were convinced we could get something cheaper.
In the end we went for this great version from H&M at just £49.99. The fabric and fit was great and, like the topshop version it also has a detachable lining. The only thing missing was a furry, warm edge to the hood but otherwise perfect. I think she's going to get plenty of wear out of this over the next few months!!!
There were also similar green parkas in New Look, Dorothy Perkins and Vero Moda so go check out Westfield Derby for a cosy and stylish warm coat to wear for Bonfire Night.

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