Saturday, 1 June 2013

An Evening with Miss Nightingale

I love going to the theatre.....I go to the theatre far more frequently than I go to the cinema. There's something special about seeing a live performance and musical theatre was always something that interested me greatly.

Last week friends and I went to see Miss Nightingale - The Burlesque Musical at Nottingham's Theatre Royal. We weren't quite sure what to expect to be honest.......would it be all feather fans and pasties or would there be more to it than just a burlesque performance??? The latter was true and we settled down to enjoy an evening of original songs, slick performances, laughs and a great storyline.

Amber Topaz does a wonderful job as the lead....and only female cast member. She has a cracking voice and has many opportunities to show it off in the many musical numbers. A particular favourite was 'The Pussy Song' which had us giggling into our ice-creams!!! All the songs are original, very well crafted and performed. In fact the cast itself is very talented. Not only do they sing and act they also play the music themselves live on stage which you don't see very often. In fact at one point in the story, when the cast were lamenting the fact that 'Harry' was missing in action I had to restrain myself from shouting out "He's behind you on the drums!!!). A very talented ensemble and a great, original show.

So if you get the chance to see the show I recommend you do, check out the website to see if they're touring near you.

Here's what I wore for the evening, Vivien of Holloway tartan circle skirt with white halter neck top and red accessories.

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  1. Firstly, thank you so much for all coming to see the show in Nottingham.

    We’re now two thirds of the way through our 12 week tour and things have been going really well. The response from audiences and critics has continued to surprise and delight us – you can see some of the lovely things they have said about the show at our new, revamped website

    Since you saw the show we’ve made some, not insignificant, changes: trimming Act 2 to pick up the pace; we’ve replaced two number with three cracking new ones (including ‘The Sausage Song’); improved some costumes. All in all it’s a quite a different – dare I say, even better show – that the one you saw.

    Next week we make our West End debut at Leicester Square Theatre (Tue 2 – Sat 7 July, with shows nightly at 7pm Tue – Sat and matinees at 2.30pm Fri, Sat & Sun.)

    We would love you to come and see how it has changed and developed whilst we’ve been on the road. Perhaps in Halifax or even London? Drop us a line if you’re interested,

    Best wishes

    Toby & Matthew