Monday, 27 May 2013

Sunday Best - vintage bike ride

Last Sunday was a simply glorious day for a 'Sunday Best' bike ride. The sun shone as myself and around 25 others from the Nottingham Classic Ride group. See if you can spot me and 'Doris' my Pashley Britannia in the line-up!!!

There really is nothing better on a sunny day than cycling through the countryside with a lovely group of people. The 27 miles we covered didn't feel so bad as they were punctuated with lots of laughter and a cake stop at the half way point provided by Thurgaton WI....splendid.

cue lots of gratuitous cycling shots........

I have such beautiful friends....don't they look lovely!!!

Now THAT'S what you call a well equipped bike.

The pretty scenery at Thurgaton, Nottinghamshire

The lovely cakes made by the Women's Institute......yummy!!!

Even the kids come along and enjoy themselves......although they go off and join the faster front group these days leaving me in the 'special' group pootling along behind. Stella even won 'Best Junior Cyclist' which she is very proud of.

Trust me to discover a library in a phone box on our route!!!

The Vintage Vixens live to cycle another day!!!

Another vintage bike ride is planned for next Saturday visiting Byron's local haunts. I can't wait, just hope we get the same fantastic weather. All are welcome to join us, you don't have to have a vintage bike. Just be up for a fun day out with lovely people in the glorious English countryside...what could be better??? If you don't live locally I'm sure there's a vintage cycling group near you, if not then why not start one!!!

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