Sunday, 5 August 2012

Outfit of the Week #7

Last night I went out to a lovely friend's Hen Do in Nottingham. We started off with a vintage tea at The Walk cafe then moved on to the bars. As I was driving and had to be home for the babysitter I sadly left before things got messy but it was lovely to spend a few hours with a lovely bunch of people.

Here's what I wore.........

skirt - it's vintage daaaaahling (check out the pocket detailing - awesome!!!)
shoes - bordello genies from Burlesque Shoes
bangles and belt - thrifted


  1. gah!!!! You keep telling me I don't need those shoes but I do I do I do need those shoes!!!!!

    1. I have 3 pairs now and wear them aim is to buy a pair every month for a year to get a big chunk of the collection. I want them ALL!!!!!! (I still take pumps in my large handbag for walking to and from venues / events though hehe)