Monday, 1 April 2013

Long legs....part deux

Howdy intrepid followers. Apologies for the delayed post but I'm having trouble accessing my blog on my phone and don't log onto the PC too often.

Anyway.....I just wanted to update you on the Lady K Loves rockabilly, vintage 50s style jeans in a 36" inside leg that I blogged about before as they have now arrived!!!!! They are super lovely but if you had a pair of them previously be warned as there are a few changes with the new and improved version.

Firstly the change in fabric seems to make them size a bit bigger so for the first time in FOREVER I had to send them back for a smaller size - whoop!!!! Secondly they have the added addition of belt loops which is fab. They still have the same, great, high waisted fit and are SUPER comfy to wear and look great with flats or heels. For the first time ever I have been able to add a turn up to my jeans which looks fantastic.

Not the best pic.....sorry, I will post better ones at some point!!!! I know these jeans will get a TONNE of wear and highly recommend them. They do a regular leg length if you prefer that. 
Head on over to the Lady K Loves website to find out more.

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